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Torras Properties is a family owned management company which oversees a diverse group of businesses united by a proud legacy.  Operating in Coastal Georgia and Metro Atlanta, our passion is to create value and opportunities for our customers, employees, and communities.

Robert M. Torras, Sr. started building what has become Torras Properties in 1968 when he founded Torco, Inc. and subsequently acquired Grimland Company Manufacturers that same year.  Over the next 40 years, he and his leadership team acquired or founded nine additional companies which are all under the Torras Properties umbrella today.

The Torras legacy in Georgia began when Mr. Torras’s grandfather, Rosendo Torras, arrived at the helm of a merchant sailing ship in the late 1870s from his native Spain.  After meeting and marrying Mary Lucy Minehan of Brunswick, Rosendo went on to become a successful lumber exporter in the Coastal region.  Their son, and Mr. Torras’s father, Fernando Joseph Torras, was the highly respected engineer known for designing and overseeing the construction of the original causeway system between Brunswick and St. Simons Island.  In January 1953, a year after he died and 29 years after it opened, the causeway was named for him.

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